Thursday, July 19, 2012

MSNBC doesn't want to talk about the stop-gap programming it will have to show in South Africa while it shows the Olympic Games in America.

MSNBC (TopTV 410) - which will have to find stop-gap programming to show in South Africa and elsewhere in the world when the American news channel shows hours and hours of 2012 London Olympic Games coverage in America - seems none to pleased being asked it, and is unwilling to say what filler programming it will be showing during this period.

As I reported in May RIGHT HERE MSNBC will carry 155,5 hours of 2012 London Olympic Games coverage - but only in America. For the rest of the world and for South Africa it will have to find and show alternative filler content for the hours and hours of coverage.

Its highly unlikely that MSNBC has invested in special original and new TV content, which means that MSNBC will for all intent and purpose become a "wallpaper" channel from the end of July and through August.

It says a lot that MSNBC refuses to say what it will be showing. Like anything being sold or shown - TV channels included - usually love to talk about and promote what they will be showing. Unless its so terrible and bad that they rather say nothing.

Asked what MSNBC will have for South African TV viewers in place of the 2012 Olympic Games coverage to watch, MSNBC says "MSNBC will be replacing its Olympic programming with long form content on the international feed. We will not be sending out a list of titles in advance".