Sunday, April 22, 2012

EMPTY BILLING? Top Billing takes viewers exclusively inside ... well, almost nothing.

Sparse. Empty. Dull as dead. This is what Top Billing (SABC3, Tuesdays, 20:00) showed viewers this week. The problem? It was a "Fabulous Homes" episode, showing was is supposedly billed as just the verybest houses.

Meanwhile this - what in the trade is called the "after" or the made-over end-result - more resembles the "before".

From the carpet to the badly done drapes to the ... well, there isn't much more is there... looks more like what is left 5 minutes before the moving van stops outside, than a "fabulous home".

This "empty nest syndrome" which resembles an empty OK Bazaars or Russells showroom floor gets a Top Billing fail.