Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More executives gone from KidsCo as NBCUniversal looks to grow its stake in the children's channel.

The exodus of executives at the international kid channel KidsCo (TopTV 255 / DStv 308) is continuing with Anna Pak, the executive commercial director who left on Friday following Chris Nicholls out the door who was the children channel's global head of advertising and marketing.

The exists are continuing after KidsCo co-founder Paul Robinson was pushed out at the end of last year, and as NBCUniversal is trying to increase its control of KidsCo which is currently a joint venture between NBCUniversal, Cookie Jar Entertainment and Chorus.

C21Media reports that Anna Pak left this past Friday. It comes as TBI Vision reports that NBCUniversal's international boss, Jeff Shell, said that the company will not be buying Corus' share in KidsCo.

According to both trade publications that leaves the share of Cookie Jar's stake in KidsCo which NBCUniversal could be after, and about which NBCUniversal isn't talking.