Sunday, December 4, 2011

BREAKING. Carte Blanche on M-Net enhances its on-screen logo with 'You have the right to see it all'; again speaks out against Secrecy Bill.

You're reading it here first.

South Africa's foremost weekly investigative magazine show Carte Blanche Sundays at 19:00 on M-Net adapted its on-screen logo, adding its slogan of ''You have the right to see it all'' to its intertiles - whilst vigilantly keeping up the pressure and once again referencing and speaking out against the South African government's misguided Protection of Information Bill.

Carte Blanche on Sunday on M-Net had an adapted logo, now containing ''You have the right to see it all'' - the show's longtime logo - now strongly, vibrantly and visually added underneath the Carte Blanche African continent iconography.

Carte Blanche presenter Bongani Bingwa once again - just like Derek Watts did last week - made reference to the draconian Protection of State Information Bill bill the South African government wants to force through to limit the freedom of the press and to prevent journalists from telling readers and viewers all the news that is in the public interest.

''Lawmakers protectiong themselves,'' said Bongani Bingwa in Sunday night's Carte Blanche. ''... which is what the Protection of State Information Bill seems to be all about.''

''More than 400 civic organisations with Cosatu leading the fray, have spoken out about the so-called Secrecy Bill passed by the National Assembly last week and soon to go before the Council of Provinces - which hopefully will give it careful scrutiny,'' Bongani Bingwa said.