Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bloomberg Television business channel becomes freely available on the iPad.

Following Sky News in March that made it's TV channel available on the iPad, Bloomberg Television (DStv 411) is now following by making its TV channel available in real-time, live on the iPad, with additional content and on-demand stories - all for free.

The global 24 hour business channel is making its channel available to anyone who downloads the iPad application which isn't tied to the iPad user having to be a subscriber.

The Bloomberg Television iPad application has two aims says Oke Okaro, the global head of Bloomberg mobile. ''To enrich the Bloomberg Television experience on the iPad, which means making contextually relevant information easily accessible, and to get people to spend more time with the Bloomberg brand.''

Viewers can of course watch Bloomberg Television live in portrait or landscape mode, while on-demand stories can immediately be played. Bloomberg Television also promises some iPad exclusive content as well soon.

Viewers can also customise a special ticket to show desired news from specific fiancial sectors or markets.