Wednesday, September 28, 2011

South African TV industry sniggering about the SABC worker who went to London, allegedly got a prostitute, and didn't want to pay up for sex.

The South African TV industry has been laughing (sneering rather) and whispering the past few days about a jaw-dropping gossip story doing the rounds about a very senior SABC official at the public broadcaster who allegedly went to London recently for business school training but picked up prostitutes with his buddy and got busted after refusing to pay the girls what they owed.

People are shaking their heads at the man at South Africa's public broadcaster who, together with another South African government official, picked up some prostitutes on the streets of London, had their fun in their hotel rooms and then refused to pay full fare for what they owed. The ladies of ill repute made some noise and the police arrived.

The men were in London for official business and a joint business school initiative between British and South African academic institutions of great repute.

Long story short, the police arrived, and a SABC board member allegedly had to intervene to keep the SABC worker out of jail. Both were immediately dropped from the course and sent back to South Africa.

I asked the SABC today if the broadcaster has any comment on the story doing the rounds. Not a word.