Thursday, September 8, 2011

Programming note: Tragedy and Triumph: Wall Street After 9/11 on Bloomberg Television a special about companies who had to rebuild.

Bloomberg Television (DStv 411) in America has alerted me to the fascinating and powerful new documentary Tragedy and Triumph: Wall Street After 9/11 which will be on the 24 hour business channel tomorrow very early, Friday morning at 03:00 (South African time).

Tragedy and Triumph: Wall Street After 9/11 on Bloomberg Television will look at how 3 Wall Street firms - who had their headquarters inside the World Trace Center - coped and rebuilt after the devastating attack.

I tried but couldn't ascertain whether Bloomberg Television's European feed - the feed of this channel coming from Britain and seeon in South Africa - will be pre-empting the usual On the Move Asia show at 03:00 on weekdays to show Tragedy and Triump: Wall Street After 9/11, but it's definitely worth setting the PVR to see whether Bloomberg Television in Europe (hopefully) also go with the special.

Tragedy and Triumph: Wall Street After 9/11 has anchor Erik Schatzker interviewing the three powerful Wall Street firms - Cantor Fitzgerald, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods and Sandler O'Neill and visit the firms that have all formerly been headquartered in the World Trace Center.

Erik Schatzker talks to the business leaders who spearheaded the recovery efforts of their companies after losing hundreds of employees, experience and assets on 9/11.

The Bloomberg Television special has interview with Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick; senior managing partner Jimmy Dunne, partner Jonathan Doyle, former general counsel Kate Lawton, and managing principal Fred Price of Sandler O'Neill; CEO John Duffy, insurance analyst Cliff Gallant, vice chairman Tom Michaud, senior executive assistant Jacky Day and the chief equity strategist Frederick Cannon of KBW.