Thursday, September 29, 2011

MUST WATCH! M-Net's 101 Days of Magic on-air promo is completely brilliant, delightful and packed with creative perfection.

M-Net's new ''101 Days of Magic'' on-air promo is absolutely perfect, looks completely brilliant, is funny, is one of the best on-air channel promos I've seen in South Africa in a long time, and is one of the best that M-Net has come up with in a while. Try and look out for this highly-enjoyable and great M-Net promo playing now.

Well done to the South African pay TV broadcaster for a high quality piece of work that beautifully captures not only the essence of the channel and teases new upcoming programming, but also sells the allure of the better television that comes with a pay proposition. The superb promo doesn't sell the promise of what could be, but what will be - and does so in a super cool and yet also incredibly functional way. 

The wonderful 101 Days of Magic in heavy rotation on M-Net is delightful, pacey, packed with perfect outtake scenes and wonderfully synched to music. Whoever did this wonderful piece of work really watches television (and lots of it), really watched through a lot of the upcoming content, and clearly have put in a lot of time and effort to select the best scenes to not only fit with each other in a seamless, beautiful chain as an ongoing visual narrative, but also the music, beat and tone of the promo. (Minute details like actually hearing the cocking of the guns: incredible!)

You can't watch it and not have a smile of joy and feel just a little better. It really is magic.

Of course M-Net didn't actually send out anything until I asked about M-Net 101, and then send the information to everyone who just mostly passively sits and receives (sigh). Basically the on-air promo is part of M-Net's new campaign that started on 22 September when there was 101 calendar days left until the end of the year (101 is also M-Net's channel number on DStv). The pay channel will start 10 new shows/seasons in the remaining 3 months of this year.

The 101 Days of Magic promo, in a great way teases the start of Game of Thrones on Mondays, The X Factor USA on Saturdays and Sundays, Nikita on Tuesdays, Retired at 35 on Tuesdays, America's Got Talent on Mondays and Thursdays, The Defenders on Thursdays, Love Bites on Thursdays, Franklin & Bash on Tuesdays, Body of Proof on Thursdays and Breaking In on Fridays.

I've watched this awesome TV minute more times now that what I should probably admit (70? 80?) and ... ''I just can't seem to get enough if yoooou''.