Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Action sports channel Fuel TV losing its vice president and general manager CJ Olivares after 8 years.

CJ Olivares who helped to launch the action sports channel Fuel TV (TopTV 225) is leaving the channel as its executive vice president and general manager, with a replacement that will be announced later in the week.

CJ Olivares will do consulting work for Fuel TV that launched 8 years ago and is looking to broadening its programming appeal. ''CJ Olivares has worked tirelessly to make Fuel TV live up to its original mission of providing unique, male-oriented sports and entertainment programming with a distinctive voice,'' says Fox Sports Media Group chairman David Hill in a press release.

''As Fuel TV continues to evolve, I realize that my passion remains the action sports that were Fuel TV's core and I now have the opportunity to explore the emerging possibilities in the expanding action sports entertainment landscape,'' says CJ Olivares.

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