Monday, March 21, 2011

SHOCKER. M-Net moving all the channel's youth centered shows like Glee and 90210 off to Vuzu after April.

You're reading it here first.

Say it ain't so Mister Shue! I can exclusively reveal that M-Net is moving all its youth centered shows to other channels with pop culture trending and buzz worthy shows like Glee and 90210 getting moved to Vuzu.  

The major M-Net changes coming to the various M-Net channels from 1 April and beyond are much more extensive and bigger than what the pay broadcaster is really letting on. Case in point: M-Net haven't said a single word yet so far about shows moving away from the M-Net channel (DStv 101) to other channels like what's happening with M-Net Series and M-Net Action (news I broke last year already).
But M-Net is definitely getting rid of a lot of things besides dumping magazine show All Access (which I already told you about) and giving Carte Blanche Extra the boot.

M-Net already confirmed that the kids block KTV is a gonner from April, but I can reveal that M-Net is actually also getting rid of youth centered shows as well. Youth-centric shows are an endangered species on the M-Net channel. TV with Thinus has learned that existing youth focused shows that's started on M-Net are set to move to Vuzu (DStv 123) after April when and as they return. American Idol and Idols that have a big youth following will however remain on the main M-Net channel since they're regarded as popular ''reality shows''.

Sources are telling me Glee won't be back on M-Net for a 2rd season and insiders tell me school's also out for 90210. The show's 3rd season won't be on M-Net. M-Net execs have decided to move both shows to Vuzu, the home of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. It's also where (and will be done similar to) where Smallville landed after it was broadcast on M-Net. More sources are telling me both shows will be back around June or July (June's the earliest) but then start on Vuzu. Melrose Place on M-Net last year only lasted one season and would have moved as well if there were a second season.

Also keep in mind that Vuzu is part of the cheaper DStv Compact bouquet. Although no longer part of the premium DStv channel, Glee and 90210 will now actually find a bigger potential TV audience as these shows become accessible in more homes (although M-Net analogue viewers won't see these shows anymore). The Vampire Diaries simply soared in viewership after Vuzu was added as a DStv Compact channel and the same will now probably happen to Glee as well as 90210. The thinking is probably that what the main M-Net channel loses in exclusivity by parting with some hot youth shows, sisister M-Net channel Vuzu will make up for in bigger overall viewership and advertising revenue for the group.