Monday, February 28, 2011

SHOCKING! Saftas ban journalists from entering the award show; suddenly hand out a best actor trophy for non-existent category.

As if the South African TV industry needs another example of how inept, pathetic, irrelevant, obtuse, mute and incredibly lacking in credibility the National Film and Video Foundation's (NFVF) ''annual'' South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) are, laugh (please laugh!) at them for not having a best actor in a drama category or nominees for the 5th Saftas but suddenly last night awarding a trophy in this category. And the Saftas banned the media from entering the actual awards event (despite containing the words ''film'' and ''television'' in its title). It would all be crap-tastic hilarious if it wasn't just plain sad and utterly disgusting.

The second half of the sad and sorry Saftas took place last night for fiction categories after the non-fiction prizes were handed out on 21 February... and the Saftas kept being a national embarrassement in itself (done with tax payers' money) as well as for the TV industry.

After initially saying there's no best actor category this year or any nominees worthy enough (I remarked on that RIGHT HERE) the 5th Saftas incredibly, unexpectedly, suddenly handed out an award to Vusi Kunene from SABC1's Soul City. The NFVF failed to respond to my media enquiry as to when the realization suddenly dawned to maybe include a best actor category after all, where the nominees suddenly came from, and how it was possible to suddenly vote for someone in basically no time.

This jaw-dropping ridiculous awards travesty needs to go away or be seriously retooled and every single element of it relooked. Whether the NFVF is willing to do that remains doubtful. It couldn't even find a broadcaster willing to touch this mess this year.

The 5th Saftas TV winners include:
 Erfsondes as best TV drama, Maggie Benedict (best actress in a TV drama, The Mating Game, SABC2), Vusi Kunene (best actor in a TV drama, Soul City, SABC1), Kere Nyawo and Thulani Didi (both for best supporting actor in a TV drama, Zone 14, SABC1), Therese Benade (best supporting actress in a TV drama, Home Affairs, SABC1), The Mating Game (best TV ensemble, SABC2), Amanda Lane (best director in a TV drama, 4Play,, Henriette Gryffenberg (best writer in a TV drama, Erfsondes, SABC2), Melanie Janks Golden (best editor in a TV drama, 4Play,, Marlene Ming (best production design in a TV drama, 4Play,, Rory O'Grady (best cinematographer in a TV drama, One Love, SABC1).

7de Laan (viewers' vote for best soap, SABC2), Isidingo (best directing team and best writing team, SABC3), Rhythm City (best ensemble cast,, Tshepo Maseko (best lead actor in a TV soap, Isidingo, SABC3), Moshidi Motshegwa (best actress in a TV soap, Rhythm City,, Thami Mngqolo (best supporting actor in a TV soap, Generations, SABC1), Tebogo Khalo (best supporting actress in a TV soap, Rhythm City,

Bobby Heaney (best director in a TV comedy, Konsternasie Oppie Stasie, SABC2), Meren Reddy, Luke Rous (best writing team in a TV comedy, City Ses'la, SABC1), David Clatworthy (best actor in a TV comedy, Konsternasie Oppie Stasie, SABC2), Busi Lurayi, best actress in a TV comedy, City Ses'la, SABC1), Proesstraat (beste TV comedy ensemble cast, SABC2).