Friday, December 10, 2010

DEVELOPING. TV presenter Matthew Stewardson has died from an apparent heart attack in Jeffreysbay.

You're reading it here first.

I'm told that Matthew Stewardson (35) has died one day short of his 36th birthday.

Sources tell me Matthew Stewardson apparently died in Jeffreysbay. He was the former Idols co-host of the first season on M-Net in 2002 who later admitted to a troubled personal past that included severe drug and substance abuse. The former KTV presenter made a later TV comeback after his struggle with drugs and a stint in rehab when he became the presenter of PlayTV on SABC3. He often spoke about the deep depression that has haunted him since his teenage years and never truly left him as an adult.

I'm told Matthew Stewardson apparently died from a heart attack, but this is unconfirmed. Also what possibly caused the heart attack is also unknown. He would have turned 36 on Saturday.