Friday, September 3, 2010

IDOLS BEHIND THE SCENES: Take a peek inside the mansion with M-Net's Top 10 Idols contestants.

From the fully stocked bar to the bath room (yep, only I can show you that!) take a peek inside the Northcliff mansion that the top ten Idols contestants are calling home since Wednesday.

I have a pictorial tour of the magnificent abode, tucked away high in the hills in Johannesburg's posh suburb where the ten contestants in this sixth season of Idols on M-Net will be staying as their numbers dwindle over the course of the next two months. From spacious living rooms, to sun drenched patios, a sparking pool to a music room, I was allowed to capture everything - except the Idols' sleeping rooms which I was told was ''too messy since they've just arrived''.

Although I didn't take any pictures, I did peek, and indeed. Messy! Suitcases, laptops, clothes strewn about. Being an Idols contestant is as much a challenge in travel as it is in performing.

For a look inside M-Net's Idols house with photos you won't see anywhere else, click on READ MORE below.

The somewhat Spanish nouveau mansion in Northcliff has yellow walls and terra cotta roof tiles, and a beautiful interieur that a beautiful oasis where the top ten Idols contestants can hide away from not just the limelight but the hustle and bustle of the weekly performances, appearances and results show.

An intimate patch of garden and the wooden front door yields no clues that ten Idols contestants are now living inside.

Behind the front door is this terraced foyer with a magnificent staircase leading down to the main lounge. It's VERY Dynasty, people. All that's missing is Alexis Carrington. Notice the glass chandelier, the beautiful windows. The Idols house is not just drenched in sunlight. . . its drenched in understated wealth and elegance.

The back of the magnificent villa sports a patio and in the photo above you can see how it looks from the top and the view it affords over greater Johannesburg.

The back of the Idols house has a beautiful pool and patio lounge area where some of the Idols contestants cozied up to relax soon after they arrived at the mansion.

One of the bath rooms in the sprawling house that only i can show you. And the Idols get a pool table in one of the lounges as well.

The fully stocked bar. Sadly voted out Idols contestants won't be able to drown their sorrows here. They have to pack their bags and have to leave immediately. The dining room in the one ''small'' dining room. Yes. Very Egoli. The only difference is that this is all real.

One of the vacant rooms downstairs next to the bar area that's perfect as a den, has been converted to a music room.

And here, finally, the Idols top ten contestants are all together chilling and getting ready for a photo op in the music room.

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