Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BREAKING. Wall to wall wonderful: Discovery Networks unveil its upcoming 2011 TV shows across its channels on an amazing video wall.

You're reading it here first.

In a first ever for South African television, Discovery Networks - in a crisp and remarkable showcase presentation - employed a full ''video wall'' with great effect for its upfront presentation earlier this evening. The factual TV entertainment brand showcased to the press exactly what various Discovery Networks channels like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and others have in store for the rest of the year - as well as 2011 - in a way never done for the press covering TV in South Africa before.

In a second first for South Africa, Discovery Networks - that now broadcast seven distinctly different TV channels in South Africa - also went further programming wise that what any TV channel in the past has ever gone in terms of being able to tell exactly what it will show on its various channels for the biggest part of 2011. Discovery Networks unveiled a perfectly presented rundown of what viewers can expect over the upcoming months across its channel portfolio in a systematic, yet entertaining, line-up on the massive video wall that included clips and teasers.

Paul Welling, vice president and head of channels for Discovery Networks' emerging markets, highlighted shows on the various channels as they played out in seamless, massive, and striking clarity across the full size of the wall next to him. ''We're delighted to be bringing our DStv viewers a top line-up of brand-new, awe-inspiring shows next year. We're certain that they're going to be a big hit with both viewers and advertisers in Africa.''

With Ashley Hayden as host and the Animal Planet animal handler Dave Salmoni (currently visiting South Africa), Discovery Networks stole the show by becoming the first broadcaster ever to go to the trouble of making use of a full wall video format during an upfront presentation. It was astounding, it was terrific, and it was a lesson by Discovery to other broadcasters operating in South Africa as to how boring upfronts and stale press previews can be brilliantly upscaled by displaying their TV content in a way that makes people - and the press - actually excited to watch it. The faultless technical presentation happened without a hitch.

On Discovery Channel (DStv 121) viewers can look forward to Extreme Fishing Season (January), Men at Work Night and Engineering Season (April) as well as more Mythbusters. The must-see Curiosity (looking at life's biggest questions) will debut in May. Then there's Escape Night (August), Survival Night and Danger on the Seas Season (September) ending the year with Best of 2011 (December).

Animal Planet (DStv 264) will roll out Pet Zone (February), Rescue Zone (March) and Wild Africa Month (March). Crock Week and the popular Shark Month is on in July. Animal Planet Heroes is planned for October in which World's Deadliest Towns with Dave Salmoni will debut.

Discovery World (DStv 250) has Reign of Dinosaurs (May), War Stories (August) and Exploring the Limits. Discovery HD Showcase (DStv 172) will enter its second year of high definition programming with an array of shows hand-picked from Discovery Networks' most popular channels.