Sunday, January 31, 2010

Survivor SA Santa Carolina: viewers will help choose the winner.

You're reading it here first.

The tribe has spoken - but VIEWERS WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY. Viewers will get to help choose the ultimate winner of Survivor SA Santa Carolina.

I've know for MONTHS that viewers are going to get to have a final say just before the live Survivor SA Santa Carolina finale on Wednesday, 21 April, but I decided not to spill that news . . . yet.

During this past week I became aware that other TV critics (who don't know and haven't written about this yet) were actually being told by M-Net that this is what will be happening. So I can't hold back on this news anymore.

Viewers of Survivor SA Santa Carolina ''will have a HUGE STAKE in the outcome'' a member of the production team told me in November 2009 already. ''Viewers will get a chance to help decide who the ultimate winner is going to be''. That means that you - the viewer - will become part of tribal council.

This will be the first time that viewers will get to have a vote in Survivor SA (just like Idols). What will happen is that the FINAL TWO celebrity contestants will be known to viewers just before the live finale get broadcast. BOTH of the final two will go on a nationwide campaign tour across South Africa just before the finale to canvass for votes. The viewers' vote will be crucial to which one wins in the live 2 hour Survivor SA Santa Carolina finale on 21 April.

It also seems that (unlike the previous 2 seasons) the Survivor SA Santa Carolina finale won't be held at Carnival City.