Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New show highlights on DStv in January 2010.

DStv invited me to the annual year end party for media and journalists covering television in Johannesburg earlier this month which was (as usual) a very swanky affair with lots of bubbly at a beautiful mansion. DStv gave a little sneak peek to the exclusive viewing ahead in 2010 and now I'm ''dish''-ing.

If you want to see a comprehensive summary I've made of the best new shows on all the DStv channels who has specific programming info available for their channels starting in January 2010, click on READ MORE below.

E! Entertainment (DStv 124) has red carpet coverage of Hollywood's awards season that kicks off in January. E! Entertainment is next to the red carpet at The 67th Annual Golden Globes Awards (17 January), including a E! After Party (17 January) and Fashion Police special (20 January). The channel is also at the 16th Screen Actors Guild Awards (23 January) and the 52nd Grammy Awards (31 January). The 4th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians starts on 17 January and the new reality show Leave it to Lamas premieres on 24 January. Don't miss the season finale of Girls of the Playboy mansion on 10 January. 15 Remarkable Celebrity Bouncebacks (4 January) looks at the rise after the fall of some stars from a diet and workout perspective.

On Sony Entertainment Television (DStv 113) the 3rd season of Billable Hours (3 January) starts as well as the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Asia (3 January). Switched Up (16 January) is a new reality show in which two people have to life in each others' personal space and daily routine. The 3rd season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent starts on 15 January.

On Zone Reality (DStv 125) the 6th season of the British version of Who Do You Think You Are? tracing celebs' family trees start on 1 January. New shows Born Against the Odds (1 January) and the 2nd season of Crime and Investigation Australia (18 January) looks at births that defied the odds and shocking Australian crimes.

BBC Entertainment (DStv 120) has the new 2nd season of Torchwood (3 January), the 4th season of Hell's Kitchen (6 January) with chef Gordon Ramsay and the reality sing-off, sing-along Last Choir Standing (17 January). The 2nd season of the Britcom Lead Balloon (7 January), the 7th season of the action drama Spooks (11 January) and the 8th season of Waking the Dead (11 January) also starts in 2010. A new Victorian drama is Lark Rise to Candleford (12 January) centered around the hamlet Lark Rise holding on to old values and Candleford, the burstling new marketplace of the future. You can see Oscar winner Judi Dench in the dramedy Cranford starting on 19 January.

On Vuzu (DStv 123) is the 3rd season of Greek (1 January), the reality singing show Redemption Song (4 January) and the 2nd season of the teen drama The Best Years (4 January). Also starting is the 2nd season of the teem drama, Secret Life of the American Teenager (5 January).

The Hallmark Channel (DStv 108) has the 3rd season of Sea Patrol (Mondays to Fridays at 19:10) and the 4th season of Wild at Heart (Sundays at 20:00).

M-Net Series (DStv 110) has the 7th season of The Apprentice, titled Celebrity Apprentice (8 January), the reality show More to Love (8 January), and the drama Valentine (16 January). Date my Ex starts on 22 January, there is the 13th season of ER (21 January), the 4th season of the sitcom The Office (28 January) and the 2009/2010 season of Saturday Night Live, or SNL is back from 30 January. The channel shows the 6th season of Grey's Anatomy (24 January) and the 2nd season of The Mentalist (24 January).

On M-Net Action (DStv 106) besides a Chuck Norris movie festival viewers can look forward to, is the drama Life on Mars (14 January), Stargate Universe (20 January), the 3rd season of Medium (19 January) and the 10th and final season of Stargate SG-1 (26 January). The 2nd season of Rush starts on 22 January.

BBC Lifestyle (DStv 180) has the 2nd season of Supersize vs Superskinny (4 January) and 10 Years Younger: The Challenge starts on 5 January. Ty Pennington is back for the 6th season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (18 January) and Coleen's Real World (8 January) follows Coleen McLoughlin, the wife of Man U footie star Wayne Rooney. There is the 4th seasons of Come Dine with Me (4 January) and You are what you eat: Gillian moves in (7 January) and the 5th season of How to look good naked starts on 6 January.

The Home Channel (DStv 182) has a new local reality series, Love & Mortar with Michelle and Riaan (12 January) and PowerPlay (13 January) in which South African families try to reduce their energy consumption.

The Style Network (DStv 182) has the new reality show Dallas Divas & Daughters (4 January), the 10th season of Whose Wedding is it anyway? (4 January) and while the reality show Ruby continues on Tuesdays, there is also a special, Ruby – The First 100 Pounds (9 January). The 2nd season of Ruby starts on 12 January.

The Discovery Channel (DStv 250) has Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates (10 January), Against the elements (28 January), Factory Made (15 January) and Might Ships (5 January).

BBC Knowledge (DStv 251) has the 14th season of Time Team (4 January), Child of Our Time 2000 (6 January), Child of Our Time 2001 (20 January), The World's Worst Disasters (8 January) and Piers Morgan on. . . (8 January) in which he celebe-doccie travels to VIP hotspots. The channel also has The Secret Millionare USA (5 January).

The History Channel (DStv 254) has a few new doccies. Skin Deep (24 January) tells an Apartheid story. Secret Gold (13 January) looks at the secret origin of everyday gold and True Horror (20 January) looks at the nature of monster stories.

The Crime & Investigation Network (DStv 255) has the 2nd season of Nightmare in Suburbia (7 January) and a premiere doccie, Fritz: Story of a Monster (13 January).

National Geographic Channel (DStv 260) has Known Universe special doccies on Sundays in January.

Animal Planet (DStv 264) has a new series called Night (1 January) that looks at nocturnal nature.

Al Jazeera (DStv 406) has several noteworthy documentary programmes in January. Look out for Under the Ahmedabad Sky (10 January), Salam Father (17 January), Herdswoman (3 January) and the provocative White Nationalism in Obama's America (6 January).

CNN International has World's Untold Stories: Slave Hunter (12 January) and Inside the Middle East: Alexandria (6 January).

Nickelodeon (DStv 305) has Back at the Barnyard (18 January) and a special iCarly episode on 22 January, iGo to Japan.

The Disney Channel (DStv 303) has Princess and the Frog Sneak Peaks weekdays from 4 January at 19:50. There's also 2nd seasons of Suite Life on Deck (16 January) and Fairly Odd Parents (16 January). The 3rd season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse starts 18 January.

MTV Europe (DStv 321) has the 10th season of MADE (3 January) and Scream Queens (6 January) in which 10 actresses competes reality show style to win a role in a cult movie.