Friday, October 16, 2009

BREAKING. TVIEC to meet with communications regulator Icasa on Monday

You're reading it here first. The TV Industry Emergency Coalition (TVIEC) will be meeting with the TV regulator Icasa on Monday.

The industry pressure group will be meeting with the South African communications regulator this Monday, 19 October at 11:00. The TVIEC was formed earlier this year after the SABC's shoddy payment system collapsed because of the public broadcaster's growing debt problems.

The TVIEC will be meeting with Icasa to discuss a range of issues, but particularly to get more clarity from Icasa on the regulator's monitoring practices regarding the amount and type of local content on the SABC.

''The crisis at the SABC has resulted in an unprecedented commissioning freeze. With a mass of repeats on air and precious few new shows in the pipeline, the TVIEC is questioning how the broadcaster hopes to meet its local content mandates – and what Icasa is doing to monitor the situation,'' says the TVIEC.