Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BREAKING. SABC3's huge Survivor China blunder: SABC3 chucks segment 3. What happened and what is happening NOW!

You're reading it here first. I'm updating this breaking story I broke this morning. Keep checking back during the day for updates as info comes in.

SABC3 caused major chaos, viewing disruption and viewer anger when the broadcaster seriously messed up the transmission of Survivor China in which Todd Herzog won.

Of course viewers didn't actually SEE Todd Herzog win . . .SABC3 deleted that whole episode and segment.

An insider source tells me SABC3 aired segments 1, 2 and 4.

Final control went for an ad break after segment 2 during the final tribal council and came back starting with segment 4 with the reunion already in progress; winner already announced.

The show still finished on time. NOBODY at SABC3 noticed.

What's happening right now:

Other highly places SABC3 sources just told me this:

1.SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago has NO IDEA what happened. (Wonder what he was watching on Monday night).

2.Viewers are going CRAZY and are OUTRAGED. SABC3 personnel got to the office this morning and already had 400 emails from viewers and it keeps flooding in.

3.SABC3 is busy preparing a statement, but has to hear from scheduling. ''Everyone is FRANTIC,'' says another source.

4.Last night's Survivor China block might be re-aired TONIGHT (Tuesday), or correctly during the rebroadcast this coming weekend.
Luckily in TV land, there's NO TRIBAL COUNCIL. It's obvious which channel viewers today, would want to vote out. . .