Thursday, September 10, 2009

BREAKING. Melanie Bala . . . talk show host

You're reading it here first. Who is the next local schlebrity who is going to take a turn trying out for TV talk show host?

Melanie Bala.

Earlier the year I was first to write that M-Net has put out a brief for a new local talk show aimed at women, with a female talk show host.

It now appears that they've found her in the form of Melanie Bala.

The show is done by Clive Morris Productions and the talk show is now looking for guests to be on it as studio members. Email or phone 011 787 6202.

Here is what Melanie writes about her NEW TALK SHOW!

I'm a 36 year old woman, newly-married wife and mother to a gorgeous 2 year old boy.
I am proud to be a seasoned television and radio host who has been in the broadcasting industry for 17 years and accumulated a lot of life experience on the way.

I'm very excited about the prospect of hosting this show, as it speaks to me and where I am in my life now. I'm also a little bit of a feminist, and love to challenge the status quo when it comes to how women are seen in the world.

This platform offers the opportunity to share information, learn more about something you might not know too much about and accept all women, as they are, flaws and all. None of us are perfect, and I don't think we want to be, but we do want to be equipped with the knowledge and skill to take on the world and be able to laugh about it when we get it wrong.

Thanks Melanie

I just asked M-Net.
''There have been pitches for a new female driven talk show but at this stage M-Net can't give you more information.''

Well, it seems Melanie Bala and Clive Morris Productions basically gave it ALL to us already.

Some topics of episodes will include BODY IMAGE, ARE YOU A HOARDER? and EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

UPDATE: Thursday 11:15 - the Facebook group New M-Net Talk Show JUST DISAPPEARED.

In other commissioning news, kykNET is going to make a new local comedy show as well as a kids show.