Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BREAKING. M-Net honours Patrick Swayze by showing Ghost

You're reading it here first. GREAT for M-Net, as the channel has quickly changed it schedule for Saturday to honour the late Patrick Swayze of Dirty Dancing fame, who just passed away after a long battle with cancer.

M-Net has replaced and rearranged it's Saturday line-up for this Saturday, 19 September at 22:00 and has slotted in the AWESOME Ghost starring Patrick, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.

M-Net's Saturday night line-up is now as follows:
22:00 Ghost
Directed by Jerry Zucker, this brilliant movie tells the story of Sam Wheat who is shot and killed but comes back to save his fiance Molly Jensen. As a ghost he has to enlist the help of Oda Mae Brown, a phony psychic who turns out to be the real deal since she can see and hear Sam and has to relay his messages to his beloved.
00:05 Conspiracy
01:35 Rocket Science
03:15 Married Life