Monday, August 17, 2009

BREAKING. PS - No replacement for Pearl after her post partum party trick

You're reading it here first. Earlier today I was first to tell of the shockwaves reverberating inside the SABC's Auckland Park head office with the SHOCKING news that Pearl Luthuli, the SABC's group executive for public commercial broadcasting services is no more.
Here's a little post script with some of what I've learned since this morning. Obviously the rumour mill is working overtime and staff are shocked, saddened and most of all completely flabbergasted and STUNNED about the news:

1. Pearl's office is cleaned out and locked.
2. Managers, including SABC3's channel head Mathe Mosito were all summoned this morning and informed together that Pearl is gone.
3. No word yet on a (temporary) replacement for ''Pepe''.
4.The SABC just told me they acting CEO received her letter in which she said she ''resigns with immediate effect''.
5.No announcement has yet been made to the ''First Citizens'' inside the SABC about Pearl's post partum party trick.