Thursday, August 27, 2009

BREAKING. First of's new local shows is called Secret Lovers

You're reading it here first. The name of's first new local drama starting on Monday 5 October at 21:00 is Secret Lovers.

I've known for a while about's production plans for a few new local shows and this 5 part local, hourlong drama is the first one going out.

How does Secret Lovers start? Well . . .
''All her life Portia Mohapi has lived within the shadow of her millionaire husband, Martin Mohapi. When a disease finally pins Martin to his bed, his control and influence over Portia begins to fade. . .''
UPDATE (28 Aug, 12:00): I just got the titles and broadcast dates of the complete set. Here they are:
October 5 – Secret Lovers
October 12 – Mama’s Boy
October 19 – Abducted
October 26 – A Good Wife
November 2 – Chasing the Truth