Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No. MultiChoice is not going to send a stretch limo with a chauffeur to come pick you up and drive you to a job interview for work at its call centre.

No. MultiChoice is not going to send a stretch limo with a chauffeur to come and pick you up for a job interview to work at the MultiChoice call centre.

Together with the explosion of social media and social media users in South Africa the past two years has come the proliferation of online and social media job scams, using the names of big and reputable companies - especially MultiChoice, Absa, FNB, Telkom and others - to prey on naive and unsuspecting victims and desperate job seekers.

Social media and online users in South Africa face an ongoing barrage of fake ads - often under the guise of fake call centre job opportunities - to lure people for either clickbait reasons where the person "advertising" the bogus jobs make money from showing other ads to users, or for other nefarious reasons.

As the problem of fake online job listings grow, South Africans - especially job seekers - are warned to be careful and to be very vigilant and not to fall for fake job ads that are too good to be true.

While the TV and modelling industries have for years warned about fake "casting calls" and bogus "auditions" telling people to undress, send naked photos or make upfront payments to be seen by casting agents - things that should never happen and isn't done - unscrupulous scammers have been widening the net to target job seekers, especially potential call centre workers with fake ads littering the internet and social media.

MultiChoice would for instance never make contact with job seekers and then send a car to pick them up and chauffeur them to a job interview and this week the SABC2 weekday soap Muvhango yet again warned about another fake message regarding auditions.

"There is a scam going around on social media about Muvhango auditions," warns the soap. "Muvhango is not holding any auditions at the moment. Please note that Muvhango or any legitimate agency will never require any payment for auditions."

MultiChoice in a statement is warning job seekers to be careful. "Please be aware that there are dangerous scams disguised as recruitment ads for MultiChoice".

MultiChoice says job placement and recruitment agencies used by the pay-TV operator do use social media like Facebook and Twitter to advertise, but that legitimate adverts should have job reference numbers that could be checked and verified.

Job seekers should always double check and verify job listings.

"Please note that neither MultiChoice nor its suppliers will ever offer to drive you to an interview."