Thursday, January 10, 2019

TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 10 January 2019.

Here's the latest news about TV that I read and that you should read too:

■ "A vast wasteland": How the problems of the internet today is that of television half a century ago.

■ Australia's Channel Nine anchor Samantha Heathwood goes viral after reading the news wearing a "penis jacket".

■ MicroLED: The new technology that will change the face - and shape - of the TV set.

■ The 43 most anticipated shows of 2019.

■ In Zambia a policeman shoots another policeman in a fight over a TV set.

■ Pakistan bans any Indian TV content, claiming it would "damage our culture".
■ The showing of any intimate moments and "bed scenes" are also banned on Pakistan TV.
■ Pakistan broadcasting regulator says TV dramas are "too feminist".

■ British viewers furious that the upcoming third season of Victoria seen on ITV Choice (DStv 123) will be broadcast in the United States before it's shown on ITV in the United Kingdom.
"So it's a UK made TV show about a UK queen yet America gets it first."

■ China's StarTimes is going to have to work longer on its "1 000 Villages" project: In Zambia thieves steal StarTimes' satellite dish, TV, decoder, power generator from a health centre.

■ Nigeria gets a localised Rescue 911 type show focusing on the work of emergency management agencies.

■ Netflix finally reveals the key sequence to get to the Bandersnatch scene you might never see otherwise.
■ And the actor playing the lead character, Fionn Whitehead, reveals he is annoyed about a scene that got cut and it involves a knife and stabbing.

■ Insanity: A Japanese bikini model rubs her breasts 10 000 times to grow them on a bizarre Japanese TV show.

■ beIN Sports goes dark in Egypt on pay-TV operator, Cable Network Egypt (CNE), in a channel carriage dispute over (what else) money.

■ New wine series, It Starts With Wine, on Amazon Prime Video.

■ Jamie Lee Curtis is furious over being photo(water)bombed by Fiji water and the trashy 76th Golden Globe Awards stunt.

■ In the upcoming Star Trek Picard show, Jean-Luc's life will have been radically altered.
The Romulan Empire had been torn apart by the destruction of Romulus, consumed by a star going supernova, with Picard's life and mind radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire.

■ Sky News (DStv 402) and BBC World News (DStv 400 / StarSat 256 / Cell C black 501 / Openview 121) anchors and political reporters dump Westminster for outside interviews after abuse.
Kay Burley needs security at Westminster, racist verbal abuse hurled at Faisal Islam.

■ Bad eating habits of children linked to TV advertising according to new research.

■ 10 horror TV series coming in 2019.