Wednesday, May 2, 2018 gives reporter Tanya Nefdt her own weekly showbiz TV show; The Spotlight from 5 May on eNCA, and eBella will cover the arts and entertainment industry. is giving reporter Tanya Nefdt her own TV show with The Spotlight that will cover arts and entertainment on a weekly basis from 5 May.

It's the red letter channel's first foray back into a dedicated entertainment news strand since the end of Nicky Greenwall's longrunning The Showbiz Report.

With hundreds of human interest and personality profile stories over the years, and a dedicated slot reporting on film and showbiz on eNCA on weekends since mid-2017, the hard-working Tanya Nefdt carved out a niche speciality area for herself with that is finally giving her a showbiz show.

The Spotlight will focus on the movie, TV, theatre and arts spheres in South Africa as well as internationally, with a round-up of weekly showbiz news and interviews with on-air, on-stage and on-screen talent, as well as some of the movers and shakers behind the scenes of the local industrial entertainment complex.

Tanya Nefdt will interview rising stars and profile established players, and will talk about major topics bubbling up within the showbiz world.

"The Spotlight’s got glamour, glitter and maybe just a bit of gossip, but importantly it will have grit as well," says Tanya Nefdt. "The arts industry is facing many challenges so we open these discussions with our viewers who we want to engage with."

The Spotlight will debut on eNCA (DStv 403) on 5 May on a weekly basis, and will thereafter also be broadcast on as well as on the eBella channel on OpenView HD (OVHD) and DStv.