Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sky News does a logo change again, making 'news' all small caps, as the British TV news channel it leaves its old Studio A for a final time.

Sky News (DStv 402) has changed its logo again, switching the word "news" to small caps, as it also ended its broadcast in its Studio A after 12 years, switching to its new studio.

The new Sky News logo was introduced on Wednesday evening, when Sky News switched back to broadcasting from its new, so-called "glass box", Studio 21, when it finally moved all its news operations over to its new studio in Sky Studios.

The Sky News logo and graphics were refreshed as part of the final switch-over to the new studio.

On Wednesday Sky News' morning segment, Sky News Sunrise, began broadcasting from the new second studio at Sky Central.

Sky News temporarily switched back to the old studios in November 2017 to do maintenance and rewiring of the "glass box" to link it to the new automated gallery in the new studio complex.