Saturday, October 28, 2017

MultiChoice Uganda joins growing list of African countries where MultiChoice is cutting the price of monthly DStv subscription fees.

MultiChoice Uganda is cutting the price of DStv Uganda subscriptions from 1 November 2017, following the lead of a growing number of African countries including Kenya, Zambia and Ghana where DStv already started to slash prices since August this year.

While DStv subscribers in South Africa have not seen any downward price adjustment to monthly subscription fees, DStv Uganda is now also lowering subscription fees across all its DStv bouquets from 1 November, saying it recognises that consumers are struggling.

MultiChoice Uganda's announcement of a price reduction comes a week after new pay-TV rival, Econet Media's Kwesé TV, officially launched in the Uganda market on 17 October.

The dramatic price reduction sees MultiChoice Uganda dropping monthly subscription fees in Uganda Shilling between 2.5% to a whopping 13.16%, with the price decrease getting bigger from the top to the lower-tiered bouquets.

Interestingly, Econet Media's Kwesé TV - although meant for any pay-TV consumer - is specifically aimed at the lower pay-TV market segment, which is where DStv Uganda has now announced the biggest price cuts.

DStv Premium is dropping 2.52% to Ugx 280,000, DStv Compact Plus is dropping 5.61% to Ugx 180,000, DStv Compact is dropping 5.43% to Ugx 115,000, DStv Family is dropping 10.11% to Ugx 60,000 and DStv Access is dropping 13.16% to Ugx 33,000.

"We recognise that our customers are living in tough economic times and want to reward them for their ongoing loyalty and support," says Charles Hamya, MultiChoice Uganda's general manager in announcing the DStv price cut for the country.

Making the announcement at a press conference at MultiChoice Uganda's office in Kololo, Uganda, Charles Hamya said "We want to do our part by adjusting the price of our DStv packages through making them more affordable while adding more value at the same time."

"The majority of our input costs are in US dollars and we hope we won't experience any further currency devaluations or other unexpected increases in costs for the remainder of the year. We will continue to review pricing from time to time, taking into account the economic conditions of our operations."

DStv Uganda subscribers will see their monthly subscription fees drop from 1 November. 

In addition DStv Uganda subscribers on the DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus bouquets will get to see all of the SuperSport channels available to the top-tiered DStv Premium subscription for the first week of 2018.

DStv Access and DStv Family subscribers will get to see all of the SuperSport channels available to DStv Compact subscribers for the first week of 2018.