Friday, August 18, 2017

SABC1's holds 'Spring Burst' Newtown event hoo-haa about new drama Tjovitjo although channel head Clara Nzima promises more new shows 'in the upcoming months'.

The SABC's SABC1 channel did a "Spring Burst" media launch in Johannesburg's industrial Newtown district on Thursday afternoon to launch supposed new programming and get some media exposure but the event gathering was basically only a media hoo-haa for the channel's new gritty pantsula dance show Tjovitjo and not much else.

The start of Tjovitjo on Sunday night at 20:00 will see the new half hour drama be followed by the umpteenth rebroadcast of the beyond stale 10-episode drama series Shaka Zulu, suddenly replacing the abruptly ditched magazine show Zaziwa in the 20:30 timeslot that will now only return on 8 November mid-way through its 5th season.

SABC1 conveniently didn't say a word about it or why it's made the programming move to yet again replay an over 3 decades old drama in prime time instead of new content.

The SABC literally seems unable to stop showing Henry Cele's Shaka Zulu - whether as filler to pad schedules holes or for whatever reason. The 1986 show literally was on SABC3 in 2014, then on SABC Encore in 2015 less than two years ago, and now its on SABC1. Again.

"SABC1 is known for its quality local drama offering," says Clara Nzima, SABC1 channel head, in a statement.

"The decision to extend this offering to the weekend is paying off. We are looking forward to the channel's new tranche of programming launched in the month of August 2017".

"In line with the agenda of a developmental country and the call to 'open up the industry', the drama series, Tjovitjo takes ordinary South African youth who have never acted before let alone been on TV and turns their lives around, transforming them into stars".

"Through a variety of our programs [sic] we continue to provide a guaranteed platform of expression for both the established and undiscovered talented and creative youth of Mzansi," said Clara Nzima in the statement.

SABC1 didn't elaborate much on the other programming on offer but notes that "other exciting additions to the schedule will include the introduction of 2 brand new local sitcoms, Rented Family and uThuli Nothulani".

These shows already started.

"Back by popular demand is the documentary strand Sisters with Soul which now includes male artists under the new banner, Sisters and Brothers with Soul."

"Other shows brought back by popular demand are Shaka Zulu and Intersexions S1 which will serve to strengthen the channel's Sunday prime-time offering, providing our audience with an enhanced viewing experience."

"Viewers should look forward to brand new shows coming to SABC1 in the upcoming months," says Clara Nzima.