Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sudanese government orders banning and shut-down of private TV channel Omdurman, warns Channel 24 of 'crossing the red lines'.

The Sudanese government has ordered the banning of the private TV channel Omdurman Broadcasting Channel and has warned another TV channel, Channel 24, that it has "crossed the red line".

The Sudanese authority, Khalil Ibrahim, the director of the Sudanese Public Radio and Television Corporation, who ordered the Omdurman Broadcasting Channel shut-down, falsely claims the channel doesn't have a broadcasting licence.

Omdurman announced its TV ban on-air.

Channel 24 was also called by Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), warning the TV channel and slamming it for the show Hal El Balad [The Situation in the Country] having "crossed the red lines".

Omdurman's owner, Hussein Khogali told Reuters the Sudanese government is lying about it not having a valid TV licence and for ordering it off the air.

Omdurman Broadcasting Channel got a TV broadcasting licence 6 years ago but Sudan's government is now further clamping down on freedom of speech in the struggling African country.

"This is not true because we've worked legally non-stop for the past six years. The channel has recently included coverage critical of government austerity measures. The purpose of pulling the channel off the air is to silence dissent and we will take all legal steps possible to protect our rights," said Hussein Khogali.