Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TOLDJA! Another FOX channel is suddenly chopped and changed as FOX Crime flips to FOX Life at short notice; changes on DStv with no word about StarSat.

The horribly bad communication from FOX Networks Group, MultiChoice, and On Digital Media (ODM) and StarTimes Media South Africa, continues with ongoing confusion, lack of clarifty and non-answers about the FOX Crime channel that is suddenly going to change to FOX Life, with FX that's getting dumped in the process as well.

As TV with Thinus already reported previously and again earlier this month, FOX Crime is get culled and replaced by FOX Life.

The very sad part is this: the shockingly bad communication from FOX Networks Group in Africa to properly and fully explain what is going on and why.

Then there's also the "collusion" by FOX Networks Group in Africa, MultiChoice and ODM and StarTimes Media SA to not explain, and explain clearly and far in advance enough to paying subscribers to their services, what exactly is happening - and how their customers will be impacted.

It's very bad.

As it stands now, new boss Gary Alfonso, general manager for FOX Networks Group Africa, has been terrible in not being fully forthcoming and properly explaining to FOX Crime and FX viewers what is happening here.

FOX Crime is getting yanked from MultiChoice's DStv on 28 September. That news isn't coming from MultiChoice itself but from the FOX News Group.

FOX Crime is getting pulled with less than a month's notice to DStv subscribers on channel 126.

There is absolutely no word about what is happening with FOX Crime for StarSat subscribers - but its basically a given that StarSat is losing FOX Crime too.

Not only that, but FX is also going to dark on StarSat - that is also not being told to StarSat subscribers and no mention of a date yet. Presumably FX will also go "poof" in half a month's time but FOX Networks Group isn't saying (yet).

Furthermore there's no explanation why exactly this is happening - because why should subscribers or the media deserve any actual real explanation as to why FOX Crime is suddenly being canned.

It's a take-it-or-leave-it situation that according to FOX Networks Group in Africa, MultiChoice and ODM and StarTimes Media SA apparently doesn't need a lot of explanation or transparency given the bad communication on this.

Imagine hearing two weeks before the time that your bank is changing and shutting down your cheque account, and will reopen it as a new product with a new look a few days later - without even telling you the details about it.

That is what FOX Networks Group, MultiChoice and StarSat are badly (non-) communicating to people who are actually paying for FOX Crime as a TV channel. In essence it's a "crime".

FOX Crime was added by MultiChoice to DStv from July 2013 and was added by StarTimes Media SA and On Digital Media ()DM) to StarSat from November 2013 - it basically lasted for only three years.

Here is what is now known:

FOX Crime is shutting down on MultiChoice's DStv on 28 September on MultiChoice's DStv.

FOX Life will start in its place on 3 October, as I've reported previously, on channel 126. FOX Life will be available to DStv Premium, DStv Extra, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access subscribers.

So far there's been zero comment from MultiChoice about this change to DStv. Will FOX Life be in high definition (HD)? We don't know.

So far, and after having been asked repeatedly, there's been no comment from StarSat about the loss of FOX Crime - who also hasn't said a word about the coming demise and shut down of FX.

So far there is no official answer as to what is happening to FOX Crime on StarSat or the exact date FOX Crime on channel 132 and FX is being yanked away from StarSat subscribers.

What is happening to shows that people have been watching on FOX Crime? You'd think subscribers of the channel would be told that. I had to ask first, to get somewhat more information.

TV with Thinus in response to a media enquiry is told:
"All shows currently on FOX Crime will end naturally on the channel. Rogue is the only show that has already moved to FOX and season 3 premiered on FOX. There will however be some repeats of the FOX Crime procedurals on FOX during daytime".

Why is FOX Crime dumped and replaced?
"We are launching FOX Life to better service local markets and show our ambition in Africa by creating a production hub locally that will tap into the latest trends and ensure the brands stay relevant locally".

Of course that explains very little, since the FOX channel as the premium channel brand already exists and can cope with presumably whatever new local content is produced by a local production hub.

Why is FX suddenly also being shut down and when?
No official answer yet. FOX Crime and FX are both being dumped and replaced with one channel, FOX Life.

SAngry sbscribers have already started saying they're angry and upset and can't understand why FOX Crime and FOX Life on DStv and StarSat can't both be given to them.

"Why replacing instead of adding?" asks John Johnson.

"No, you must add to FOX Crime. We will boycott you if you replace FOX Crime with FOX Life. Add [it] next to FOX Crime, we pleading. After all, we pay. We have a say. You can't take off FOX Crime," says Norman Lambert.

"FOX Crime I enjoyed," says Maruska Honiball. "Why take it away???"

"FOX Crime was good," says Myburgh Dewald.

And Kedibone Mametja sums up what a lot of people are thinking about the upcoming dumping of FOX Crime and replacement with FOX Life: "Why replace and not add?"