Wednesday, June 29, 2016

StarSat subscribers loses another 2 TV channels; Spark and Qyou both dumped and not immediately replaced over 'poor performance'.

StarSat subscribers are losing another 2 TV channels with Spark (StarSat 225) and Qyou (StarSat 165) that's suddenly getting dumped and not replaced on 30 June.

That's in addition to StarSat losing the NBA channels that's going dark as well tomorrow on its platform.

Once again, On Digital Media (ODM) and StarTimes Media South Africa couldn't bother to tell the media about changes to its channels and channel line-up.

Spark and Qyou will fold over "poor performance".

ODM replaced its floundering self-compiled Top Explore channel with Spark in July 2013, but now its going dark after just three years with no new factual entertainment channel replacement for StarSat subscribers.

StarSat added the internet video, linear TV channel Qyou from October 2014 and it is gone after a year and 9 months.

In response to a media enquiry, StarSat says "StarSat can confirm that as of 30 June Spark and Qyou channels will no longer be available on its platform. The decision to close Spark and Qyou was taken due to poor performance of both channels."

"StarSat would like to reassure its valued subscribers that while these two channels will no longer be available on its platform, it does create an opportunity for the company to acquire other high quality and entertaining channels for its valued subscribers".