Wednesday, March 9, 2016

StarSat's TV guide has been broken and completely unavailable for weeks now, says its TV guide is 'under maintenance', no indication of when it will be working again.

StarSat's online TV guide has been broken, unavailable and not been working for weeks now - leaving frustrated StarSat subscribers angry and irritated, and potential new StarSat subscribers unable to see or get an idea of what StarSat's content actually is.

Frustrated StarSat subscribers reached out to TVwithThinus after not getting answers from StarSat and wondering what is wrong, if there will be a TV guide again, and what the alternative is to see TV schedules in advance.

On Digital Media and StarTimes Media South Africa doesn't publish and help subscribers with a monthly printed TV guide like MultiChoice's DStv that helps subscribers with a monthly overview of programming and channel listings when there's no electricity or internet connection available.

All that StarSat subscribers are getting for weeks in place of a TV guide is now just a massive, empty gap, with no notification, explanation or apology.

StarSat tells me in response to a media enquiry: "Our website is currently under maintenance and it will be running again as soon as possible".

On Digital Media and StarTimes Media South Africa "maintenance" has been going on for weeks now. "Maintenance" usually doesn't take weeks.

StarSat has no apology to its susbcribers, and didn't give any indication of how and where existing subscribers, and people potentially interested in the product and service, can see and access TV schedules for what is showing now and in advance.