Monday, February 8, 2016

SABC starts a live, daily blog integrated into the SABC News website 'to deliver content much faster'; still working on creating a SABC News app.

The SABC that already has a SABC News website has finally started a live SABC News blog that the South African public broadcaster said will help to deliver news faster to people.

Still missing and absent: a SABC News app, although the public broadcaster's news division says it is working on such a mobile smartphone application.

SABC News multimedia producer Matiba Sibanyoni told Leanne Manas on Morning Live on SABC2 that the SABC now has a new "live blog"

"We're experimenting with a lot of things," saying "we have introduced a daily live blog on the SABC News website where you get an integration of different platforms all in one".

"We've introduced this platform to deliver content at a much faster rate. Here you'll be able to get different things every 10 minutes, as opposed to a website where it takes a little more time to update or get news going out there ," said Matiba Sibanyoni.

"You will find the live blog on the SABC News website. Say for example you don't want to go to the SABC News website specifically, you want news coming straight from social media; from YouTube - even from people who are not necessarily SABC reporters but its something that's just broken."

"If you want to get a snapshot of what is going on before reading a full article, you can go to the live blog and that will direct you to the different platforms that we have," said Matiba Sibanyoni.