Wednesday, January 6, 2016

StarTimes secures tennis TV rights for 2016 Hopman Cup, Fast 4 Tennis and World Tennis Cup in January.

StarTimes has secured tennis TV rights with StarSat in South Africa that is broadcasting the 2016 Hopman Cup live until Saturday 9 January and will also have Fast 4 Tennis from 11 January and the World Tennis Cup from 12 January.

StarTimes and StarSat didn't indicate on what channel or channels StarSat subscribers will be able to see the tennis coverage and no schedule with times was released.

StarTimes brought all platform rights in sub-Saharan Africa for 2016 and will show this tennis coverage exclusively.

"Bringing such high quality tennis to our subscribers is evidence of our commitment to meet our subscribers' diverse viewing requirements," says Mike Dearham, the managing director of the media department and the vice president of the StarTimes group.

"StarTimes will remain focused on ensuring our valued clients get to enjoy some of the best sporting events from across the world."

StarTimes' coverage of the 2016 Hopman Cup live from Perth in Australia started on Sunday 3 January already and will continue until 9 January.

Fast 4 Tennis will be broadcast on StarSat on 11 January live from Sydney, Australia.

The World Tennis Cup from Adelaide will be broadcast on StarSat from 12 to 14 January.