Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Filling of 3 of 6 long-vacant SABC board seats delayed even further due to parliamentary staff strike and a delay with State Security Agency checking qualifications.

The long-delayed filling of vacant positions on the unstable SABC board is being delayed even further since the checking of the qualifications of the shortlisted candidates has not yet been finished and finalised.

The latest delay in getting the empty SABC board positions filled was revealed today by parliament's portfolio committee on communications.

Controversially, the process is of filling empty SABC board member positions is shockingly only for 3 out of 6 empty positions. While the process to fill 3 vacant positions, there is another 3 empty SABC board member seats vacant for months, of which the process hasn't even started for.

After the minister of communications, Faith Muthambi intervened with the SABC board and fired SABC board members while others quit, several positions have remained empty for the larger part of 2015 as the public broadcaster keeps lurching from the one crisis and scandal to the next.

The process of filling the empty SABC board seats which was readvertised last month, is continuing since the State Security Agency is still busy checking the shortlisted candidates.

The process has also been delayed due to the strike by parliamentary staff.

Joyce Moloi-Moropa, the chairperson of the portfolio committee on communications who herself will apparently soon be gone after she's given notice that she's quitting, told the committee on Tuesday that the process to fill the long-delayed SABC board positions will only be for the first three.

"Until such time the president brings the other three vacancies [under anybody's attention], this is all we are dealing with," said Joyce Moloi-Moropa.