Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Foodie Sarah Graham's new cooking show, Sarah Graham Food Safari, picked up by M-Net, starting on 29 November at 18:00

Sarah Graham is the latest talent jumping from SABC3 to M-Net with the foodie's show Sarah Graham's Food Safari picked up by M-Net (DStv 101).

The new cooking show, the second since Bitten was broadcast on SABC3 in 2013, will see the South African food blogger and cookbook author take viewers on a food safari across Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa from Sunday 29 November at 18:00.

The show is currently filming across 31 locations with Louise McClelland as executive producer and Chris Lotz as director, with Okuhle Media as the production company.

Sarah Graham's Food Safari will try to fulfill "the armchair foodie's sense of curiosity about the off-the-beaten track spaces and delightful new flavours" while showcasing wildlife and in-the-bush dining experiences with Sarah's friends and family.

The show is filming in Zimbabwe, Zambia and then across South Africa in Johannesburg, Prince Albert and along the Garden Route as well as Cape Town.

"Sarah Graham's Food Safari promises to be perfect prime time entertainment for the laid-back festive season," says M-Net.

"The show celebrates everything our viewers love - from the most mouth-watering dishes to the beautiful African landscape."

"Together with Sarah we're thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with M-Net and bring our new series to a channel that is synonymous with bringing highly pedigreed and exceptionally entertaining cooking shows to discerning local audiences," says Louise McClelland.

Sarah Graham published her latest cookbook, Home. Food From My Kitchen earlier this year.