Monday, August 31, 2015

Zola abrupty gone from Mzansi Magic's Utatakho as presenter; Nimrod Nkosi awkwardly in as new presenter of the lurid paternity testing reality show.

Hit with production disruption, Mzansi Magic's (DStv 161) new Utatakho reality series testing dads for paternity suddenly got rid of presenter Zola, with Nimrod Nkosi awkwardly stepping in to take over from the original presenter mired in a maintenance scandal.

Mzansi Magic confirms that Bonginkosi Dlamini, better known as Zola is out and Nimrod Nkosi is in in a highly embarrassing and unprofessional presenter switch for the already tawdry show.

Mzansi Magic isn't saying why presenters who sign contracts for full seasons are allowed to leave, but Nimrod Nkosi is now taking over for Bonginkosi Dlamini who filmed only 8 episodes after no longer being involved.

Mzansi Magic says Zola is "stepping down as presenter due to his increasingly busy schedule" although its strange that Mzansi Magic signed the embattled artist before making sure his "busy schedule" can accomodate the new series doing DNA testing across the country.

Zola, mired in a maintenance scandal, recently told Move! magazine he's stopped paying child support for his children since the mother allegedly neglects the kids and isn't allowing him to see them.

Zola apparently has a "demanding scale" of commitments "including his musical career and philantrophy work" and is dumping Utatakho "to put his full weight behind these commitments".

Nimrod Nkosi meanwhile says he bring his "unique brand of hosting talent to the show," which does DNA testing on Tuesdays at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic similar to the low-brow American talk show Maury and previously also on the cancelled Montel Williams and Trisha on The Sony Channel (DStv 127).

"Utatakho is a docu-reality series that focuses on resolving issues of paternity with the help of DNA testing," says Mzansi Magic. Nimrod Nkosi helps with "the important task of helping South Africans answer some questions with regards to their parentage and identity."