Sunday, August 23, 2015

Joey Jones done with Sky News after 16 years; British news channel's deputy political editor leaving Sky News and journalism for PR job.

Joey Jones, the deputy political editor at Sky News (DStv 402) is done with the British 24-hour TV news channel and journalism - at least the reporting side of it.

Joey Jones was promoted to deputy political editor at Sky News in 2010.

Joey Jones joined Sky News as a freelancer from BBC radio in 1999. He got a permanent appointment in 2002 at Sky News and joined Sky News' political team in 2007.

Now after 16 years at Sky News and almost a decade of covering Westminster, Joey Jones is leaving Sky News for a public relations job in the technology industry.

"After 18 years in journalism, 16 at Sky + near a decade at Westminster I’m soon leaving all three. V grateful to the many who've helped me," Joey Jones told his followers on Twitter.

"Will soon be comms advisor in tech industry. Big change! Feels like the right time…"