Monday, March 2, 2015

MultiChoice adds 3 TV channels to DStv Now app for DStv Premium subscribers - Eurochannel, ShortsTV and Ginx TV - for 3 months.

MultiChoice is adding 3 TV channels to its DStv Now app for DStv Premium subscribers for 3 months: Eurochannel, ShortsTV and Ginx TV.

While the DStv Now app is free to download for all DStv customers, the video content can only be watched by DStv Premium subscribers.

The DStv Now app allows users to watch content on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Eurochannel, Ginx TV and ShortsTV will be watchable through DStv Now from mid-March 2015 to mid-June 2015.

ShortsTV carries short films, including African short films.

Ginx TV based in the United Kingdom is a video gaming TV channel, offering video reviews and news from the world of video gaming and video gaming culture.

Eurochannel is an English language TV channel featuring European programming, including movies and TV series.

"We are pleased to acquire the new channels for DStv Now and hope they will resonate with short film junkies, video gamers and European culture lovers," says John Kotsaftis, CEO of DStv Digital Media.