Thursday, March 19, 2015

BREAKING. Cape Town DJ Ryan O'Connor to be the presenter of M-Net's reality show Power Couple SA.

The Cape Town DJ Ryan O'Connor will be the presenter of M-Net's new reality show Power Couple SA the regional radio station KFM announced this morning.

The show - a bit of a cross between elements of Fear Factor, Love in the Wild and Temptation Island will revolve around 8 couples competing in various challenges in and around a camera-filled villa in Cape Town, to win an ultimate cash prize - worth more than R1 million - premised on how well they know each other.

Power Couple SA, produced by production company Afrokaans, is set to debut in August on M-Net for a total of 14 weekly episodes.

Viewers will decide the eventual winner through public voting who will be announced during a live finale broadcast on M-Net in December.