Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CBS Drama on DStv keeps 7th Heaven on the schedule as American channels pull the show with self-confessed child molester Stephen Collins.

CBS Drama (DStv 134), supplied by AMC Networks International Zone to MultiChoice's DStv is not pulling reruns of 7th Heaven with the self-confessed child molester Stephen Collins from the TV channel's schedule yet in the way that American TV channels are dumping reruns of the show.

UPDATE 09 October 2014 - CBS Drama is removing 7th Heaven from its schedule.

TMZ yesterday released the shocking audio of the former 7th Heaven star admitting to multiple cases of child molestation and his ex-wife calling him a pedophile.

After that the American TV channels - first UP TV, followed by the TV Guide Network - swiftly axed 7th Heaven from their schedules immediately following the child molestation confession. 

CBS Drama continues to broadcast the second season of 7th Heaven on DStv daily in which Stephen Collins, who sought hep for sex addiction from a therapist and was secretly recorded making the admission to multiple instances of child molestation, plays the wholesome pastor Eric Camden.

AMC Networks International Zone in London responding to a media enquiry from TV with Thinus says the channel distributor will respond with an answer as to whether 7th Heaven is being pulled from CBS Drama or not shortly.