Tuesday, August 19, 2014

REACTION OVER FIRED GENERATION CAST: Sign of 'arrogance' by TV executives; SABC need to prevent situation becoming 'uglier' - CWUSA

The Creative Workers Union of South Africa (CWUSA) called the wholesale firing of the Generations cast on SABC1 on Monday a sign of the "arrogance" of the Generations bosses at MMSV Productions and the SABC and has called on the South African public broadcaster to step in urgently to prevent the shocking scandal from "turning uglier than what it is right now".

The Generations cast was fired on Monday following a second strike the united actors embarked on since last Monday.

It was the Generations cast's second strike in 10 months at the SABC1 soap over exactly the same issues of wanting three year contracts from the SABC as it was promised in 2013, better paying contracts, as well as back payment for rebroadcasts and international sales of the show  - all issues that the SABC promised to give attention but failed to do.

CWUSA on Tuesday in a statement called the shocking move which has sent shockwaves through the South African TV industry as well viewers "arrogance" on the side of Generations management.

"It is illegal to respond to written demands by means of intimidation and worse now that the intimidation has resulted in a dismissal," says CWUSA about the fired Generations staff left in the cold on the SABC's most watched and most popular TV programme, drawing an average of 7.5 million viewers every weeknight.

"We therefore call for all parties to go back into the negotiation table to relook at best possibilities. We are more than willing to mediate as it ought to be if the SABC wants to do things correctly," said CWUSA.

"We hope that the SABC this time will respond to our call and avert the situation turning uglier than what it is right now," said CWUSA.