Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SABC3 promises the correct new episode of ReGenesis on Wednesday at 22:00 after mistakenly repeating episode 3 twice.

It's not deoxyribo nucleio science but SABC3 made a mistake last week by repeating and showing the exact same episode three of sci-fi drama ReGenesis - the broadcaster tells TV with Thinus it will definitely show the correct new episode 4 on Wednesday at 22:00.

Viewers were fuming last week after SABC3 showed the same episode of ReGenesis again. One viewer for instance asked me if SABC3 could please say what measures they have in place to ensure that the correct episode of a programme airs.

"You might ask them why they bother to have a social media platform as they never respond to correspondence".

I asked and SABC3's programme acceptance department was initially adamant last week that the "correct" new episode was shown, but is now saying, yes, SABC3 made a mistake with ReGenesis.

According to the channel episode 3 of ReGenesis was repeated due to confusion with The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert SABC3 had.