Friday, May 9, 2014

CNN International's former talk show hosts Larry King and Piers Morgan trash each other.

CNN International's (DStv 401) former two talk show hosts Larry King and Piers Morgan who replaced him and recently got cancelled are slinging mud at each other, with Larry King calling CNN's hiring of Piers Morgan "a mistake", and Piers Morgan calling Larry King "a constant poisonous twerp".

Larry King was pushed out three years ago to make space for Piers Morgan whose short lived talk show was recently cancelled on CNN.

Larry King went on an America radio talk show this week, saying "I thought they made a mistake in the Piers hire. I thought it was a mistake, one, to hire a Britisher in prime time and two, I thought he made himself too much part of the show".

Piers Morgan is hitting back on Twitter against Larry King, telling him that "you don't need to keep bitching about me", and that "there is no such word as Britisher. But then research and facts were never your strong point were they, Brooklyner?"

Piers Morgan kept going. "Always tried to be respectful to Larry King, but he's been a constant poisonous twerp towards me for three years and I'm bored with it," he tweeted.