Sunday, April 6, 2014

SAFTAS 2014: You CANNOT make this up. A sound guy and stage hand walks onto the stage at the Saftas to place a mic DURING a live skit.

This wasn't a rehearsal but what viewers had to see during the very live 2014 South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) - and which an accredited film school would fail.

The National Film and Video Foundation's Saftas shown on SABC3 and produced by Clive Morris Productions was once again a groan eliciting television study of how not-to.

Like when viewers had to watch a sound guy and stage hand in dark silhouette, walking onto the stage during another skit, to position and place a mic and a mic stand - worsened by the fact that the camera didn't even cut away.

The mic and mic stand positioning disturbing the scene wasn't part of the co-hosts Alan Committie and Tumi Morake's joke.

It was a complete mistake, worsened by whoever didn't cut away to another preview camera angle within a second but kept showing how the man walks on stage and place down the microphone.

You just cannot make trash television like this up.

It was just another one in an unmitigated string of flubs ranging from spelling mistakes, no sound, audio problems and others, which were all part of the 8th South African Film and Television Awards and took place on Saturday night at Gallagher Estate.