Friday, March 14, 2014

TOLDJA! Aisha Mohamed at SABC3, Sam Mpherwane at SABC1, Gerhard Pretorius at SABC2 as the SABC's 3 permanent new channel heads.

TV with Thinus broke the news: That Aisha Mohamed is the new SABC3 channel head at the SABC - now, finally, the SABC confirms what TV with Thinus readers have known for days.

From 1 April Aisha Mohamed will become SABC3's new channel head.

The SABC also says that Maijaing Mpherwane will become the new SABC1 channel head and Gerhard Pretorius will become the new SABC2 channel head.

Both Maijang Mpherwane and Gerhard Pretorius have been the acting channel heads at SABC1 and SABC2 for months (Maijang Mpherwane for more than a year) and are solid appointments by the SABC.

While the end credits roll on SABC1 local programmes and then shows the name Maijang Mpherwane at the end as the acting SABC1 channel head, those in the biz, the press and those inside SABC corridors of course know him simply as Sam Mpherwane.

He was SABC1's longtime programming manager before taking on the acting channel head responsibilities.

The three great and fixed appointments for TV channel heads will bring greater stability to the SABC's Television division, as executives can concentrate on the quality of programming, scheduling and restoring their individual TV channels to more unique target audiences.

The SABC's so-called "transversal strategy" for its three TV channels (besides SABC News) is not working and has blended, neutered and effectively erased any distinctness and unique channel selling propositions.

SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3 have become very much the same the past few years with very little distinction between their respective offering - so much show that each channel shows the others' soaps, repeats each other's movies and even takes over programming with The Cosby Show which would run on SABC3 and move to SABC1, Bold and the Beautiful which moved from SABC1 to SABC3, and a litany of TV series which would be seen on more than one channel.

"AS SABC management we have confidence that these individuals will work well with their teams to continue to keep SABC Television the number one television network in South Africa," says Verona Duwarkah, the SABC's group executive for television.