Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Following Leigh Bennie, Jen Su is now also chiming in; reporting and commenting on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

Similar to the former Big Brother South Africa contestant Leigh Bennie who is reporting and commenting on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial as a presenter on DStv's Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel (DStv 199), is now suddenly Jen Su - usually more at home at polo events in hats and being a social butterfly at red carpet events.

Jen Su popped up on HLN, CNN's more tabloid-skewed sister TV channel in America, weighing in on things like the South Africa's justice system and even the judge in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

Jen Su, like Leigh Bennie has zero history of crime or court reporting. Neither has a legacy of hard news reporting or investigative journalism. I'd frown the same way if a Christiane Amanpour suddenly did red carpet celebrity coverage - there's better people than her, more suited and better qualified to do that.

It doesn't that Leigh Bennie and Jen Su can't comment or talk about something like the legal system or aspects like the Oscar Pistorius case - it's a free world and we have freedom of speech and anyone can say whatever they want.

It does mean that they lack credibility and the necessary deep insight for a murder case in court.

They are unsuited - in my opinion - to weigh in or appear on television to talk about this or be a presenter for the Oscar Pistorius murder trial - unless it involves the more lighter, frivolous aspects of the case ... maybe what judge Thokozile Masipa is wearing?