Saturday, February 1, 2014

'Shouldn't we be going towards a hole?' Zavion Kotze realises that silence is golden on Survivor South Africa: Champions on M-Net.

Watching Real Desperate Housewives of Miami in Atlanta, if you think about it, you'll realize that there's one thing which is the cause of all the trouble: the mouth - people who cannot help but mouth off, constantly, saying what they're really thinking.

The funniest moment in the second episode of Survivor South Africa: Champions on M-Net on Sundays at 17:30 for me is this one: contestant Zavion Kotze who is captured by the camera wanting to say something - but just sitting there with his mouth agape.

The funny thing is ... Zavion Kotze didn't need to say anything. The viewer knows and gets exactly what he wanted to say and express - but clearly decided to hold back. How so very not Real Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills like!

The hilarious moment (and I rewound and rewound and rewound it multiple times to laugh at it again and again on my PVR) started on the Selatan tribe when Zavion Kotze, Corne Krige and Philip Dickson tried to start a fire.

Zavion Kotze starts rubbing the stick on a piece of plank, Corne Krige blows, and Philip Dickson holds wood fibres in an attempt to start a fire. But its not working.

"Shouldn't we be going towards a hole?" enquires an exasperated Zavion Kotze, the tone of his voice equal parts comment and question.

"It doesn't matter because its all open/over," says Philip Dickson. That's when Zavion Kotze makes the classic face of a person who wants to say something - but somehow succumbs to the gentler gods. Oh the humanity!

Philip Dickson of course doesn't see Zavion Kotze's facial expressions - although the viewer does: the eye-roll with eyes cast to the side and then downwards, and the literally jaw-dropping face - a clear non-verbal indication of exactly what Zavion Kotze is really thinking of Philip Dickson and the absolutely ridiculous situation!