Thursday, February 6, 2014

Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola on eNCA does a hilarious SABC1 Khumbul'ekhaya, begging Mamma Ramphela to come home to Agang.

It's incredibly clever and hilarious - but to fully get it you need to know and have watched the original show.

Wednesday night on Late Nite News with Loyiso Gosa on eNCA (DStv 403) at 21:30, the clever comedy show team came up with a skit in which the satirical news show did an imitation of SABC1's emotionally exploitative, yet so deliciously melodramatic missing family member show, Khumbul'ekhaya.

For the sad white people who've never watched Khumbul'ekhaya, a quick lesson.

Kuhumbul'ekhaya literally means "Remember home" or "Remembering Home". (And yes, I watch it, and my brother and his whole family watch it, and we watch SABC2's Friday night classi-trash tokolosh drama. But I digress.)

Khumbul'ekhaya revolves around emotional people who reach out to lost or missing family members - with the TV show which then tries to find the person.

Then everybody makes contact, but it's often not happy and hardly ever really ends happy - it's just drama and tears and heavy insanity, because social dysfunction actually led to the person who left to leave in the first place - but you have to watch it to believe it. Engrossing television.

Anyway. So LNN with Loyiso Gola cleverly used the format and made their own version of Khumbul'ekhaya - and what a genius idea.

In their "episode" of Khumbul'ekhaya it was distraught Agang political party members who wanted their Mamma, Ramphela Mamphele back. Ramphela Mamphele left for the Democratic Alliance and Helen Zille and deserted her Agang family. The skit was hilarious.

It was classic Khumbul'ekhaya, but with an extremely current twist and perfectly conceptualised for LNN.

It had some hilarious one-liners:

"I'm writing this letter to Khumbul'ekhaya, to find the mother of our organisation."

"She has abandoned us."

"We last saw her at the office. She asked for the stapler. And we didn't have a stapler."

"We used to do things together. Share Tippex."

"She was last seen, kissing a Botoxi woman in Cape Town".

"Why are you going around Mama, kissing random people when you have a home here?"