Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zan Lang on Survivor South Africa: Champions gives the middle finger and shows what an egotistic sore loser he is.

You're reading it here first. 

The egotistical Survivor South Africa: Champions contestant Zan Lang (24) will show just what a sore loser he is and how little respect he really has for others, when viewers will see the filthy contestant who struggles to control his impulses, temper and loathing of others, give the middle finger on South African television after an obstacle course challenge.

The past three episodes of Survivor South Africa: Champions on M-Net would have given viewers who've looked closely and observe all the signs and signals - just like Zan Lang will be doing this evening with his own "up yours" signal - a clear indication his how "secretly" vain, self-centred, egotistical, and apparently shallow Zan Lang really is.  

Take last week's second episode of Survivor South Africa: Champions for instance. 

When tribe members manage to catch a fish and bring home much-needed and appreciated food, the oh-so fake Zan Lang with his superiority complex looks down on them because they "dared" to catch a shark as well.

Zan Lang doesn't eat sharks because he's on a deserted island and Mr Delivery can deliver hamburgers. ("You don't kill the top predator in the ocean.") 

Did Zan Lang not know before he went on this little adventure that if you're away from civilization that you need to adapt to circumstances?

To mouth off and tell the other contestants, after their hard work and effort that "it's a waste of an animal" and to then blatantly turn his back non-verbally on them to show his disdain of them, exhibits a lack of emotional intelligence. (Is it also even necessary to mention that this show is premised on getting people to like you so you're not voted off?)

"No matter how much money you give me, I'm not going to play down my values just to impress my tribe. I'll let them know how I feel about the situation," says Zan Lang.

Uhm, what "values" is showing other people the rude middle finger, Zan? 

Disrespect and a lack of team spirit seem to be the values being exhibited in Survivor South Africa: Champions by Zan Lang.

Zan Lang says that he has values and won't eat a shark out of principle, but then when the shoe is on the other foot he takes the tribe flag to make a hammock for just himself to sleep and says: "everyone's allowed to use initiative and make their own hammock".

So. When other people do what needs to be done to in a situation, its not right. But when the situation is reversed, the egocentric person will always rationalise it all away to fit just one thing - themselves.

"People are getting so pissed off about the sentimental value of a flag; then they really came to the wrong place. And they are not survivalists."

People like Zan Lang are never wrong. In their minds, whatever they do, is right. And whatever others do, or are, will always always be wrong. 

Even saying something inane like "I will let them know how I feel about the situation" shows how much Kardashian Kool-Aid Zan Lang has drunk. 

Yes, irrespective of the social dynamics and context at play, I will be the egocentric person, I make sure I'm the centre of attention, and I will interject with my view and my my feelings and what I think - irrespective of how other people might think or feel, or whether it might hurt them. Sometimes even precisely because it will hurt them.

What Zan Lang has been showing non-verbally the past three episodes is how he might fake that he's also about team and inclusivity, but how his own individualism, and his own perception that he's better than anyone else, will trump anything and everything if it comes down to a choice. 

(Ironically it also made him the "perfect" contestant to include in a reality TV programme - a television genre which thrives on displaying people who exhibit characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder.)

His friends - if he has real ones - can start by giving him a copy of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends & Influence People. (Hint: it doesn't have a chapter or advise showing people the middle finger.)

Listen to the arrogant, self-importance when Zan Lang unflinchingly tells his Utara tribe mates, people he is supposed to be in a team with: "I'll feed myself whatever I want to eat, and then if you guys don't want to eat it, you guys are more than welcome to go hungry. I really don't mind. Okay."

Check the fake pleasantry marker, the unsympathetic attitude, the preoccupation with just his own well-being, his own success, his own achievements, his negative reinforcement and negative influence on team spirit and blatant threat as he is interpersonally exploitative.

Zan Lang is one of those people who says "let's do it" but then shakes his head from side to side at the same time to show that non-verbally he doesn't mean what he's saying at all.

Remember the first episode of Survivor South Africa: Champions? It was the insightful Shane Hattingh who said of Zan Lang: "His temper is going to get the better of him".

Viewers will see that temper and how he externalises the inner disgust he has of others in this evening's fourth episode.

Zan Lang will still have to grown and learn that other people have value and deserve respect too. Not because of who they are or what they can do, but because they exist.